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Keep your rugs looking beautiful longer and extend their life with our reversible All Surface Universal Rug Pad. Reversible (or Multi-surface) for use on carpet as well as hard surface floors, this multitasking, low profile rug pad is a workhorse. It protects your floors, makes vacuuming easier, and...


Give fine rugs a delicate soft step while guarding against slippage with our Cushioned Rug Pad. The ultimate in comfort, it's made of polyester scrim coated with a spongy layer of PVC foam to be antimicrobial, mold and mildew resistant. Designed to use over hard floors and won't stain, discolor or...


Hard surface rug pad is ideal for low profile rugs, such as kilims, antique Persians and natural woven rugs. Provides light padding while maintaining a firm base and protecting the rug and floor. It also makes vacuuming your delicate rugs an easier task. Hard Surfrace Rug Pad features: * 10-year...


Our Outdoor Rug Pad cushions outdoor rugs from abrasive surfaces like stone, concrete, tile, brick and wood. Its coated polyester fibers won't break down from exposure to heat or water, and raises your rug slightly to allow for quicker drying. Naturally antimicrobial, mold and mildew resistant. Trim...


If you love to entertain, have pets, kids or just have an active household, this is the rug pad for you. Made of high-performance polyester foam with a non-slip PVC coating to protect floors from wine spills, pet stains and, of course, those pesky rug rats. Performance Rug Pad features:* Low profile...

Rug pads extend the life of your rug and guard against slippage, so they're a must for us. We've developed several styles of rug pads that work for different types of flooring surfaces. Our hardwood floor pads are made of a hand washable polyester fabric with special coating that won't stain, discolor or stick to flooring or rugs. For delicate rugs, uneven floors and carpet, we offer a Performance Rug Pad with dense, fabric core that hides surface irregularities.

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