Product - Specific Info

Do you offer hardware with your wall décor?

We do not supply the hardware along with our wall décor since we do not know the type of wall each of you will be hanging it on. But we do offer "Power Hooks" that are easy to install and will support weights of over 100 pounds. These are especially useful for hanging heavy mirrors.

There are many different wall surfaces from plaster to wood and brick. To find out what type of hardware is best for you, view our guide to "Hanging Items on Your Walls" we hope these tips are helpful to you.

Your local hardware store will also be able to assist you in purchasing the best hardware for your specific wall type.

What size tablecloth is needed for my table?

To find out what size tablecloth you need take the diameter of the table x 2 plus the table height.

Example: If you have a table that is 30" diameter and 30" high.

Use 30 x 2 + 30. Your answer is 90. You would need a 90" tablecloth.

My clock has stopped working what can I do to fix it?

We offer repair kits for most of our clocks. Please email us if you have the item number of the clock available to find out if we have a repair kit available for your clock or contact our CS Department at 800-367-2810

Can I use Granite or Marble Tops on your Pedestal Bases?

Our bases are designed to support glass table tops. Ballard Designs offers a wide selection of glass table tops.

Please note our bases can not support the weight of a heavier table top such as granite or marble.

Does the bed or daybed I am looking at come with the mattress or bedding?

While our beds do not inlude matresses or bedding, Ballard Designs offers a wide selection of bedding.

Do you carry Californina King beds or bedding?

At this time Ballard Designs does not offer California King Beds or Bedding. We do carry Twin, Full, Queen and King.

How do I configure an Office Designs grouping that will work for my space?

Click here to see our "Office Guide" This guide will assist you in configuring an office furniture group perfect for your space.

Why can't I write on my chalkboard?

Our chalkboards should be primed before the first use. To prime your chalkboard simply take a piece of chalk and lay it on its side and rub it up and down the full length of the chalkboard and then across the width of the chalkboard in all areas. You can then erase it all off and the board should be ready to use.

Can I plug in a chandelier or scone?

The majority of our scones must be hardwired and typically need installation by a certified technician. If the item has a cord and can be plugged in it will be stated in the description.