Potted Lemon Tree

Price: $299.00
Customer Rating: 5.0/5
If you can't grow one where you live, our faux Potted Lemon Tree is the next best thing. The lemons and leaves vary in size and shading just like those on a live tree. The textured trunk enhances the convincing natural look. Potted Lemon Tree features: * Antiqued terra cotta finish pot * Realistic soil
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The first damask fabrics were produced in China more than a thousand years ago. The classic patterns of scrolled vines and intricate medallions are still a favorite decorating motif today. With its lush florals, birds and botanicals, our Tropical Damask Wallpaper creates a rich background of pattern and color in a dining room, living room or powder room.  Tropical Damask Wallpaper features: *....
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Tropical leaf botanical studies take on a fresh, right-for-today feel when deftly painted in soft watercolor strokes of moss, forest green and mineral. The petite scale makes it a perfect fit for gallery walls and places where space is limited.   Petite Tropical Leaves Framed Art Print features:   * Digitally reproduced on fine art paper * Natural Maple wood frame * Ivory mat * Glass fro....