Lancaster Mirror
Customer Rating:
With its bold "X" framing, our Lancaster Mirror creates geometric punch and architectural interest. A floral medallion marks the center with subtle texture and contrasting detail. Lancaster Mirror details: * Oil rubbed bronze finish * Crafted of iron * Hang either way
Price: $151.99
Miles Redd Golightly Mirror
Customer Rating:
Dressy, dramatic and quintessentially Miles, the Golightly Mirror is statement. "The large round scale makes it a knockout in an entrance hall, above a mantel or over a sofa," Miles says. Intricately hand finished and painted in graphic tuxedo stripes of black and white. Miles Redd Golightly Mirror features: * Ribbed molding * Bead-and-reel details * Polyurethane
Price: $678.99
Kingston Bar Shelf
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If you have a little wall space, you can have a bar. Our Kingston Bar Shelf is designed with small spaces in mind. Mirrored back reflects your bottles and glassware. Metal shelf with rail keeps everything in place. Kingston Bar Shelf features: * Also great in the bath or kitchen * Antique black finish * Made of iron * Holds up to a 4" diameter bottle * Hanging hardware included
Price: $363.99