Trellis Sisal Rug - Taupe

Price: $199.99 - $273.99
Customer Rating: 0.0/5
The subtle trellis design is jacquard woven in a high/low weave of 100% sisal for great natural texture and neutral oatmeal color. Unlike lesser sisals, ours is surged on all sides for a tailored look and to help prevent raveling. Use of a Rug Pad, is recommended. Trellis Sisal Rug features: * Latex backed to enhance durability * Sizes are approximate * Imported

Winn Hand Knotted Rug

Price: $298.99 - $2023.99
Customer Rating: 0.0/5
With its sophisticated tonal palette, our Winn Hand Knotted Rug takes the traditional Persian design in a decorative new direction. The geometric pattern is woven entirely by hand of wonderfully soft wool-linen blend in shades of charcoal, fog gray and mist. This beautifully transitional area rug feels at home with any decor in the living room, dining room or bedroom. Because it’s entirely h....

Hamadi Hand Knotted Rug

Price: $223.99 - $1498.99
Customer Rating: 0.0/5
Our Hamadi Hand Knotted Rug transforms a traditional Persian motif into modern abstract art. The geometric design is knotted entirely by hand of luxurious Italian wood in hues of charcoal, fog, and ivory. The pattern is then heavily abrashed, creating the subtle variations in tone and pattern that give Hamadi its fresh, contemporary look. Because this decorative wool area rug is completely handmad....

Felino Hand Woven Rug

Price: $148.99 - $748.99
Customer Rating: 2.5/5
Cozy texture and easy color for your family room, bedroom or casual living room. Our Felino area rug is hand woven of soft wool and cotton in a petite geometric design of driftwood and white hues. Matching zig-zag striped ends add a fun punch of coordinating pattern. Because this area rug is entirely hand crafted, expect artful variations in the style and pattern. Use of a rug pad is recommended f....

Demi Hand Woven Rug

Price: $88.99 - $448.99
Customer Rating: 3.5/5
Designed by Christiane Lemieux, this stunning area rug references everything that inspires the famed designer's modern artisanal style, including works from 20 th century Europe's most influential ateliers. Lemieux's rug designs play on the wild beauty of organic textures. Our Demi Rug is hand woven in a tribally inspired geometric of softy patinaed, recycled leather dyed in whispered shades of gr....

Aiken Natural Fiber Rug

Price: $148.99 - $748.99
Customer Rating: 0.0/5
For many of our favorite designers, natural fiber rugs are the perfect foundation for a flawless room. They add warmth and texture that blends with every palette and decor. Our Aiken area rug is hand woven in a richly textured weave of natural wool, jute and cotton for a surprisingly soft hand. The neutral tones layer easily with your decor in the living room, home office or bedroom. Because this ....

Whitten Performance Rug

Price: $68.99 - $418.99
Customer Rating: 4.0/5
Great texture and easy-care color designed for family living. Our Whitten Performance Rug is machined loomed in a soft weave of washable polyester, so it is a beautiful option for busy areas like the family room, kitchen or protected outdoor areas where spills are just part of the daily routine. Use of a rug pad is recommended for added comfort and to extend the life of your rug. Order a swatch to....

Tasar Natural Fiber Rug

Price: $373.99 - $2623.99
Customer Rating: 4.0/5
This contemporary take on traditional tribal mats was designed by Christiane Lemieux, famed for her modern artisanal style. Inspired by the weavings of the Tuareg tribes of Morocco, Lemieux's rug designs celebrate indigenous artistry and minimalism using the finest techniques and materials. Our Tasar Rug is hand woven of surprisingly soft natural jute and chocolate recycled leather in a tribal geo....

Lakewood Performance Rug

Price: $37.99 - $628.99
Customer Rating: 0.0/5
Our Lakewood Performance Rug has the soft texture we love and the easy-care performance you need in busy, spill-prone spaces like the family room, kitchen, and front porch. The casual braided stripes and textured knot details are machine loomed in a high/low weave of washable, UV-treated polypropylene to resist fading and mildew. Use of a rug pad is recommended for added comfort and to extend the ....

Carano Natural Fiber Rug

Price: $114.99 - $838.99
Customer Rating: 4.1/5
If you love rich texture and warmth underfoot, our Carano Natural Fiber Area Rug was made for you. The geometric lattice design is hand woven of soft natural jute over soft loops of cotton for striking contrast. Wide bands of jute on each end create a subtle frame to accentuate the casual, inviting look. Use of a rug pad is recommended for added comfort and to extend the life of your rug. Carano N....

Seagrass Area Rug

Price: $88.99 - $95.99
Customer Rating: 4.4/5
The classic basket weave and warm neutral tone of our Seagrass Area Rug create the perfect foundation for any room. Woven of natural seagrass, its light natural green hue will mellow to a warm golden beige over time. This versatile natural fiber rug dresses up or down with your decor, from traditional to modern. Use of a Rug Pad is recommended. Seagrass Rug features:   * Cotton twill border *....

Seacrest Indoor/Outdoor Rug - Green

Price: $35.99 - $260.99
Customer Rating: 0.0/5
The richly textured weave and bold stripes of color give our Seacrest Indoor/Outdoor Rug a warm rustic look that feels right at home in the family room, breakfast nook or covered outdoor porch. This durable area rug is machine loomed in a high/low weave of washable, UV-treated polypropylene to resist fading and mildew. To clean, just wash with mild soap and water or rinse with a hose. Use of a rug....