Aubrey Mirror
Customer Rating:
We wanted to create a mirror that would work in any space, from traditional to modern. The classic ivory is framed in warm antique silver molding for a timeless look. Hand crafted of ribbed wood with bead detailing. Aubrey Mirror features:* Generously beveled* Hang either way
Price: $199.00 - $399.00
Ashland Mirror
Customer Rating:
Our Ashland Wall Mirror is a pure classic. The molded frame is hand crafted of reclaimed look pine and angled in for great depth and dimension. Beveled mirror adds extra shimmer and completes the nicely crafted look. Ashland Wall Mirror features:* Lightly aged natural finish* Hangs both ways
Price: $329.00 - $449.00
Miles Redd Golightly Mirror
Customer Rating:
Dressy, dramatic and quintessentially Miles, the Golightly Mirror is statement. "The large round scale makes it a knockout in an entrance hall, above a mantel or over a sofa," Miles says. Intricately hand finished and painted in graphic tuxedo stripes of black and white. Miles Redd Golightly Mirror features:* Ribbed molding* Bead-and-reel details* Polyurethane
Price: $799.00