Tapered Wood Column
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Our Tapered Wood Column creates a classic architectural stage for plants or art. Especially striking in pairs flanking an entry, each is handmade of mango wood with raised panels on every side and stepped molded base. Tapered Wood Column features:* Small size doubles as a side table* Fits neatly in corners & smaller spaces
Price: $199.00 - $279.00
Bee Stand
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Our Bee Stand can add a little height in places where you need it most. Stack it with magazines, beside a fireplace to hold a plant or use it chair-side to park a drink. The top is hand carved with a stylized bee design for great visual and tactile texture. Bee Stand features:* Petite size makes it easy to carry & position* Crafted of hardwood* For Decorative Use Only* Driftwood finish
Price: $59.00
Medici Capital
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The elaborately scrolled design for this decorative pedestal is based on a classical Ionic column developed by the Greeks and later adopted by the Romans and much of the ancient world. Use our Greco-Roman pedestal to display found objects, plants or pile it high with books. Medici Capital features:* Stack a medium & large to create a small side table* Hand cast* Museum white finish
Price: $69.00 - $119.00
Miles Redd Scagliola Pedestal
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Scagliola is the time-honored Italian technique of recreating the look of marble and other stones using hand painted materials. Based on an Italian antique from his New York home, Miles Redd designed this classical column to add architectural drama to any space. Miles Redd Scagliola Pedestal features:* Great to display an urn, plant or bust* Painted white molding* Marbleized paper veneers* Engineer...
Price: Was $399.00 Now $269.99
Wooden Pedestals
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Add height and texture to tabletops and special objects with our classically inspired Wooden Pedestals. Each is hand carved of mango wood with acanthus details and finished in glowing aged gold. Wooden Pedestal features:* Mix & match sizes to create staggered heights* Molded crown* Expect delightful variations
Price: $59.00 - $89.00