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Buffalo Check Drapery Panel

Price: $119.00 - $139.00
Customer Rating: 4.7/5
A fresh new take on the classic look. Our Buffalo Check Drapery Panel dresses up or down and goes from traditional to modern. Hang by the 3" rod pocket or by the hidden tabs for a more tailored look. Buffalo Check Drapery Panel features: * Lined for privacy & sun protection * Weighted corners for an elegant drape * Each panel sold separately

Linen Sheer Tie Top Drapery Panel

Price: $89.00 - $109.00
Customer Rating: 4.8/5
Dress your windows in soft neutral color and natural texture with our Linen Sheer Panel. Chic and beautifully priced, it's sewn of 100% linen for a full, flowing drape and hand finished with a tie top.

Fringed Burlap Drapery Panel

Price: $69.00 - $89.00
Customer Rating: 4.6/5
For adding natural texture, burlap has always been one of our favorite go-to fabrics. Our Fringed Burlap Panels dress up or down with your room and are great for doing the unexpected, like hiding storage or creating soft room dividers. Each panel is hand sewn of nicely weighted 100% burlap with dressy 5" natural jute fringe and 3" rod pocket. Cotton lining enhances privacy and sun protection. Hang....

Signature Velvet Drapery Panel

Price: $118.00 - $199.00
Customer Rating: 4.8/5
Frame your windows with the soft elegance of jewel-toned velvet. Our Velvet Drapery Panel is hand finished in luxurious cotton velvet blend and fully lined for a sumptuous drape, privacy and sun protection. Velvet Drapery Panel features: * Coordinates with our Velvet and Linen Pillows * Hang by 3" rod pocket or included hanging pins * Each panel sold separately * Swatches available

Bingham Printed Damask Drapery Panel

Price: $159.00 - $179.00
Customer Rating: 4.5/5
The damask pattern of our Bingham Damask Panel is printed on 100% cotton with subtle shading for rich depth of color. Each panel is fully lined for privacy and sun protection. Hang by the 3" rod pocket or use the hidden tabs to create elegant gathers. Bingham Damask Panel features: * Corners are weighted to enhance the drape * Each panel sold separately

Bowen Striped Drapery Panel

Price: $109.00 - $129.00
Customer Rating: 4.4/5
Our Bowen Striped Panel strikes a casual balance of color and style. Made of soft 100% cotton woven with slender stripes that run horizontally for a more relaxed look. Hangs from its 3" rod pocket or included pins. Bowen Striped Panel features: * Lined for privacy & sun protection * Includes 10 drapery pins * Each panel sold separately * Imported
Customer Rating: 4.6/5
We paired two of our favorite signature fabrics to create one beautiful panel. Everyday 10 oz. Natural Linen is framed in a border of luxurious Signature Velvet for rich contrasting textures. Hangs from 3" rod pocket or included pins. Dress it up with the matching optional Valance (sold separately). Hanging Panel with Valance requires a double rod. Signature Velvet Trim Linen Panel features: * Lin....

Check Drapery Panel with Valance

Price: $179.00 - $199.00
Customer Rating: 4.8/5
Hand sewn of 100% cotton with dressy french pleats and matching grosgrain trim. Cotton lined for sun protection. Hanging pins included. We suggest using curtain rings for the best way to hang these panels. Dry clean. Imported.

Garden District Mirrors

Price: $169.00 - $329.00
Customer Rating: 4.7/5
Our timeless Garden District Mirror was inspired by a beveled glass window we admired in the garden district of New Orleans. Use it to create a window of reflected light or a dramatic focal point above the mantle or bed. The wood grain textured frame is crafted of polyurethane and finished by applying layers of paint in a meticulous 8-step process. Garden District Mirror features: * Crafted of pol....

Jill Mirror

Price: $429.00 - $569.00
Customer Rating: 4.8/5
The gently bowed shape of our romantic Jill Mirror was inspired by a multi-paned window we've long admired in one of our favorite Atlanta homes. Each of its 12 panels is beveled to add extra depth and visual dimension. Jill Mirror features: * Striking over a fireplace or console * Frame is crafted of iron * Natural black iron finish
Customer Rating: 4.9/5
Open an arched window onto another time with our Amiel Arch Antiqued Mirror. Heavily antiqued mirror panes are framed in forged metal finished in dark maple wash with golden highlights and burnished details. Lean for an elegantly casual look. Amiel Arch Antiqued Mirror features: * Creates a sense of space * Amplifies the available light * 16 mirror panels * Aged Brown finish

Custom Bullion Fringe Panel - Set of 2

Price: $346.94 - $1099.00
Customer Rating: 4.8/5
Make any room in your home feel like a cozy cottage getaway with our Custom Bullion fringe panel. The panel gently filters sunlight, while the 5 1/2" natural bullion fringe adds a touch of playful comfort. Includes a 3" rod pocket. Dry clean only. Custom Bullion Fringe Panels feature: * 5 1/2" natural bullion fringe * Lined * 3" rod pocket * Dry clean

Becca Drapery Panel

Price: $179.00 - $199.00
Customer Rating: 0.0/5
This sophisticated drapery panel could make anyone a big floral fan. Inspired by intricate botanical studies that were all the rage in 19 th century Europe, our Becca Drapery Panel is hand finished in a basket weave of 100% cotton in fresh blue hues surrounded by soft solid color. Hangs from 3" rod pocket or hidden tabs.   Becca Drapery Panel features:   * Cotton lined for privacy & ....
Customer Rating: 0.0/5
The closer you look at our Cherry Blossom Embroidered Drapery Panel, the more beautiful it becomes. The lacy cherry branches are intricately embroidered edge-to-edge, and highlighted with delicate petal appliques, giving this special window treatment softly raised texture. Hangs from 3" rod pocket or hidden tabs.   Cherry Blossom Embroidered Drapery Panel features:   * Hand finished * Co....

Grayton Slubby Fringed Drapery Panel

Price: $159.00 - $179.00
Customer Rating: 0.0/5
With its raw fringed edges, our Grayton Slubby Fringed Drapery Panel frames your window in feathery soft texture and eye-catching color. This casual window treatment is hand finished in lightly slubby 100% cotton and blends easily with our favorite patterned upholstery fabrics.   Grayton Slubby Fringed Drapery Panel features:     * Hand finished * Blackout lining for privacy and sun....
Customer Rating: 0.0/5
Give your windows a custom designer look at a beautiful Ballard price with our Bellport Fringed Drapery Panels. Gorgeous in the living room or bedroom, these stylish drapes are made of crisp cotton duck, and hand finished with a colorful border of 13-ounce linen and feathery cotton fringe. Hangs from 3" rod pocket or included drapery pins.   Bellport Fringed Drapery Panel features:   * H....

Posey Dotted Jacquard Drapery Panel

Price: $129.00 - $149.00
Customer Rating: 4.3/5
The shagreen-inspired pattern of our stylish Posey Dotted Drapery Panel is petite in scale, so from a distance, it reads like a solid. Rather than printed, the painterly dots are woven into the soft cotton fabric on a jacquard loom, giving this luxurious curtain panel a slightly raised texture and subtle sheen. Hangs from 3" rod pocket or included drapery pins.   Posey Dotted Jacquard Drapery....

Ballard Essentials Drapery Panel

Price: $59.00 - $129.00
Customer Rating: 4.8/5
Ballard's Best Buy. A great way to add color or texure to any room without breaking the budget. We've lined our 100% cotton twill, burlap, and linen panels for added structure, privacy and sun protection. 3" rod pocket accommodates a standard 1 3/8" diameter hanging rod. Imported. Ballard Essentials Panel features: * Great value * Variety of fabrics and colors * Fully lined * 3" rod pocket * Each ....

Hatch Stripe Drapery Panel

Price: $139.00 - $159.00
Customer Rating: 4.5/5
If you love the modern look of a geometric and the organic, freeform feel of handmade textiles, this is the drapery for you. Our Hatch Stripe Drapery Panel is made of nicely weighted linen/cotton duck printed in a soft watercolor hatch stripe for a light, inviting look. Hangs from 3" rod pocket or included drapery pins.   Hatch Stripe Drapery Panel features:   * Cotton lined for privacy ....

Spencer Stripe Drapery Panel

Price: $125.00 - $139.00
Customer Rating: 4.0/5
Our Spencer Stripe Drapery Panel goes from coastal cool to casual rustic with easy, go-anywhere style. The mesmerize stripe pattern is woven of slubby polyester, and dyed so the colors vary slightly in shade for added depth. This relaxing curtain panel feels just right in the family room, bedroom or informal living room. Hangs from 3" rod pocket or hidden tabs.   Spencer Stripe Drapery Panel ....