Canton Vase Collection
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Our Canton Vase Collection features classic Chinoiserie patterns and shapes reimagined in warm natural tones. Made of high-fired white porcelain and hand finished with on-glaze geometric floral decoration. Canton Vase features:* Mix & match styles* Watertight
Price: $99.00 - $149.00
Blue & White Chinoiserie Collection
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Blue and white porcelain dates back to 14th century China. The look was so universally popular, Europeans imported it by the shiploads, finally learning how to produce porcelain on their own in the 18th century. Our Blue & White Vases celebrate the tradition with timeless style. Blue & White Porcelain Vase features: * Collect all eight shapes* Enjoy as art or filled with colorful stems * Pair them ...
Price: $99.00 - $189.00