Vintage Floral Patterns Art

Price: $359.00 - $749.00
Customer Rating: 4.2/5
This lovely floral art print series was created from pieces of vintage embroidered fabric. The stylized blooms are so finely printed, you can see every detail from the original antique, including old stitched repairs, faded water stains and aged linen background.  Vintage Floral Patterns Framed Print Art features:  * Printed on fine art paper * Natural wood frame with white linen inner l....

Peony Study Art

Price: $349.00 - $649.00
Customer Rating: 4.7/5
Botanical wall art is one our favorite ways to layer in lush color and life to any space. Our Peony Study Art is designed like a classic field study with a large, rust orange peony bloom on the left and irises to the right for colorful contrast. The layered background gives this classic floral art a convincing vintage look.  Peony Study Framed Print Art features:  * Printed on fine art p....