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Customer Rating: 4.1/5
“This handmade iron fire screen adds beauty and function to your fireplace," notes our design partner, Suzanne Kasler. The clean lines of her Madelle Fire Screen are so timeless, they work with any decor, from classic to contemporary. The sturdy frame is hand crafted of aged iron and fitted with fine wire mesh, so you can enjoy the flames without worrying about of flying embers.   Suzan....

Celeste Fire Screen

Price: $439.00
Customer Rating: 4.9/5
A sleek modern view of your roaring fire. Our Celeste fireplace screen is handmade of clear tempered glass, so you can enjoy the dancing flames. Frame is made of nicely weighted stainless steel with warm brass finish.  Celeste Fire Screen features:  * Decorative screen looks great even in summer * Works with any decor