Outdoor Double Chaise Cover
Customer Rating:
Protect your Double Chaise from harsh weather with our exclusive Double Chaise cover. It's one of the most rugged, well-designed Outdoor Furniture Covers on the market. No matter where you live, this weather-defying cover can take it - from relentless sun and heat to frigid, snowy cold, drenching rains and blustery, salt-laden winds. Outdoor Furniture Cover features:* Expertly crafted of extra-heav...
Price: $159.00
Graham Chaise Slipcover and Frame
Customer Rating:
With our Graham Chaise, you get the best of both worlds: a streamlined silhouette with recline-worthy comfort. Crisp tailoring and track arms combined with the easy care of a slipcover offer fresh, yet timeless, styling, making it a great choice for your family room. Its super deep, wide seat and sink-in cushioning invites piling in and snuggling up. Graham Chaise Slipcover and Frame features: * Se...
Price: $549.00 - $2868.00