Floral Damask Art

Price: $510.00 - $580.00
Customer Rating: 0.0/5
"A delicate relationship between vintage textiles and dancing wall paper damask patterns inspire these precious paintings," says Exclusive Ballard Artist, Julie Headland. Her Floral Damask framed print series captures those decorative botanical designs in tonal watercolor blues, perfect for introducing easy color and pattern into the bedroom or living room.  Floral Damask Framed Art Print fea....

Soft Mauve Floral Art

Price: $179.00 - $329.00
Customer Rating: 4.7/5
This pretty series of watercolor floral art creates restful moments of color wherever you hang it, from bedroom and living to home office. Each image is created with soft brushstrokes over light sketch marks for a hand painted feel.  Soft Mauve Floral Framed Art Print features:  * Printed on fine art paper * White wood frame * Available in multiple sizes to fit your space

Contrast Botanical Art

Price: $199.00 - $419.00
Customer Rating: 5.0/5
These stunning black and white photographic prints transform botanical art into arresting modern art. Each soft white blossom is beautifully lit to accentuate its natural contours. An infinitely deep black background makes the images appear to glow in starkly dramatic contrast. The square format makes it easy to hang this sophisticated wall decor individually or grouped as a collection.  Cont....

Iris Silo Art

Price: $262.99
Customer Rating: 0.0/5
Our Iris Silo Art is made for those that love flowers, but want something a little edgier and more contemporary. These modern floral prints capture blooming irises in dramatic black silhouette against an aged ivory background, emphasizing their graceful forms.  Iris Silo Art Framed Art Print Series features: * Printed on fine art paper * Gray wood frame with silver inset edge * Available in m....

Scents of Blue Art

Price: $269.00 - $399.00
Customer Rating: 4.7/5
Throughout the 18 th and early 19 th centuries before photography was widely available, professional and avid amateur botanists traveled the world, meticulously drawing and cataloging nature's most beautiful greenery and flowers. Our Scents of Blue Art prints recreate hand painted botanical illustrations of three lovely blooms in soft blue and taupe.  Scents of Blue Framed Art Print Series fe....

Floral Garden Panel Art

Price: $239.00 - $359.00
Customer Rating: 0.0/5
These decorative wall art prints were created from antique botanical etchings used to print bookplates. Ours update the classic look in beautiful close-up against a bold French blue background, giving them a fresh modern feel. The long, slender format is great for narrow spaces between windows or doors, or hang all three as a collection.  Floral Garden Framed Art Print Series features:  ....

Set the Mood Art

Price: $599.00 - $899.00
Customer Rating: 0.0/5
If you love florals with a decorative difference, our Set the Mood Art could be the start of new affair. The tangle of leggy stems and lacy blooms was created from a photographic negative, transforming traditional botanical wall art into a dark, sophisticated statement. We love this contemporary wall décor to set the mood in the home office, living room or bedroom.    Set the Mood....

Soft Sage Botanical Art

Price: $169.00 - $299.00
Customer Rating: 5.0/5
These lovely botanical art prints create a calm, inviting mood wherever they hang, from living room or home office to bedroom. Each watercolor floral is printed in soft sage hues on ivory cotton rag art paper for a clean artisan look and feel.   Soft Sage Framed Print features:   * Printed on fine cotton rag art paper * Black wood frame * Available in multiple sizes to fit your space

Pink Protea Art

Price: $149.00 - $799.00
Customer Rating: 5.0/5
Named for the Greek god Proteus who could transform himself into different shapes, the showy proteus flower symbolizes change and hope. Our magical Pink Protea print series was inspired by vintage botanical art. The blooms are depicted against an aged black background, so their green and pink hues look fresh and vibrant without overwhelming your room.  Pink Protea Stretched Canvas Art feature....

Floral Garden Canvas Art

Price: $239.00 - $529.00
Customer Rating: 5.0/5
These decorative floral art prints were created from vintage botanical etchings first used to make bookplates. Our Floral Garden Canvas Art series takes a fresh look at the classic form in beautiful close-up against a soft blue-gray background. The long, slender format is a perfect fit for narrow spaces between windows or doors.  Floral Garden Stretched Canvas Art features:  * Fine art g....

Wild Garden Art

Price: $389.00 - $669.00
Customer Rating: 4.0/5
This delicate watercolor floral art is bursting with life. Our magical Wild Garden Art prints capture a spring garden blooming in lush green, blue and blush on a soft white background, so every brushstroke pops. These impressionist images create a serene mood wherever they hang, from bedroom to home office.  Wild Garden Stretched Canvas Art features:  * Fine art giclee reproduction on co....

Delicate Petals Art

Price: $169.00 - $259.00
Customer Rating: 5.0/5
Our Delicate Petals Art captures the beauty of a single flower with elegant simplicity. Watercolor brushstrokes taupe and mineral give these floral art prints a soft, dream-like quality perfect for a bedroom wall or cozy sun porch.  Delicate Petals Stretched Canvas Art Print Series features:  * Fine art giclee reproduction on canvas stretched over wood * Hand embellished with paint to pr....