Customer Rating: 5.0/5
In the magical village of Bellagio nestled along Italy’s scenic Lake Como, artisans are still making holiday décor with true old-world craftsmanship. Our Quiet Snow Glass Christmas Ornaments are beautifully hand painted on mouth-blown, cream satin glass in a graceful branch and blue floral motif sparkling with delicate silver accents. * Hand painted in Italy * Mouth-blown glass & ....

Serene Moment Art

Price: $499.00 - $959.00
Customer Rating: 0.0/5
All of our favorite colors captured in one serene moment. This soft abstract by native Los Angeles artist, Sunny Goodwin, is layered in patches of sky blue, goldenrod, terra cotta and blush. Each hue is distinct, yet works with every other, making this contemporary wall art an easy choice for adding uplifting color in the bedroom, living room or home office.   Serene Moment Framed Art Print f....

Storm Art

Price: $349.00 - $1089.00
Customer Rating: 4.9/5
Bridging realism and abstraction, Exclusive Ballard Artist, Lisa Moore, uses fluid gestures, artful drips and layered washes of paint in a spare palette of brown, tan, cream and white to depict a horse emerging from an imagined, stormy landscape. "I am inspired by the beauty of the figure, both human and horse, in motion or at rest. I love capturing the essence of those people, places or things an....