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A well-equipped bar is the first ingredient of a great party. Our top-shelf Graham Bar Tool Set includes all the bartending favorites you'll need for making crowd-pleasing cocktails: double jigger, bottle opener, bar knife, and strainer. Crafted of stainless steel with lustrous gold finish, each tool is nicely weighted with a ball finial that slips neatly into the slotted stand. Luxe white marble ....

Bee Glassware Collection

Price: $59.00 - $69.00
Customer Rating: 4.7/5
We love the Bee Glassware Collection, especially for casual dinners where it's all about the drinks and great conversation. Made of nicely weighted, molded glass embossed with honey bees, a traditional symbol of French royalty. Bee Glassware features: * Available in three styles for your table * Dishwasher safe * Imported from France