See It In Your Space See It In Your Space

See All Ballard Dining Tables In Your Room With Augmented Reality

How It Works (No App Required)

  • Using your mobile device, (iPhone iOS12 or later and Android 7 or higher) select the dining table you would like to view.
  • Tap the icon AR Icon on any of our dining tables to launch the augmented reality experience.
  • Scan your room and place a true-to-scale dining room table in your desired area.
  • See how it looks in your space and enjoy.


What Products Have Augmented Reality Enabled?
All of our Dining Tables can be viewed in your space.
Do I Have The Right Operating System And Browser?
Make sure that your mobile device is updated to the most current operating system. For iPhone use Safari on iOS12 or later and for Android use Google Chrome on Android 7 or later.
Where Is The Icon Located?
The augmented reality icon is located on the upper right hand corner of the product image.
Why Won't My Phone Place The Dining Table?
Slowly wave your phone's camera at the ground allowing it to scan for a solid surface to place the table. Once your phone finds a surface, the table will automatically be placed in your space.
Can I Change The Size Or Rotate The Dining Table?
Move the table by dragging your finger and pointing the phone in the direction you want the object to go. Resize the table by pinching or expanding it with two fingers. Note: The item will snap to life-size and also display a percentage number above the table to let you know you've adjusted the size.
Can I Use My Computer To View The Table In My Room?
No, but clicking on the "View In AR" on your computer will display a QR code. Scan the code with your mobile device to quickly launch the AR experience.
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