Bedroom with removable wallpaper from Ballard Designs

Why You Need Wallpaper in Your Home

Erase the thought of peeling old wallpaper from your memory. Our removable wallpaper is easy to hang, easy to remove, and seriously stylish. Not only does it bring color and personality to a room, it instantly creates a focal point.

Detailed shot of removable wallpaper from Ballard Designs in bedroom

Go For It

We get that installing wallpaper in your room can feel scary, but not to worry, wallpaper has come a long way in recent years. Every one of our wallpaper rolls is easily wipeable (in case you get smudges) and easy to strip off the wall when you're ready to change your look.

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Floral wallpaper from Ballard Designs in bedroom

Big Impact in a Small Space

So you're no longer afraid of a wallpaper commitment, but that doesn't mean you know where to use it and how to coordinate with your furniture pieces. If you're a little skittish, we recommend rooms that aren't heavily used, like the guest bedroom and powder room. Because you aren't in these spaces every day, you're less likely to tire of a pattern. Plus, they make a big impact when used in small applications.

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Tropical wallpaper from Ballard Designs in dining room

Drama Queen

Another reason to use wallpaper? Every home should have a few spaces that feel dramatic and really make a statement.

We designed this dining room to be a focal point by using bold green floral wallpaper with black trim. The floral pattern has feminine elements, but the dark color palette counters that femininity. The contrast and color makes a big statement and wows everyone that walks through the door.

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Subtle wallpaper from Ballard Designs in bedroom

Subtle Texture

Not every wallpaper needs to be dramatic. Sometimes a subtle texture in the background can add that little something special that makes a room shine.

For example, we hung wallpaper in this bedroom. Neither the pattern nor the color of the paper is bold, but that extra layer brings personality to an otherwise utilitarian space.

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Ticking stripe wallpaper from Ballard Designs in bedroom

Classic Patterns

We love ticking stripes so much we decided to put it on wallpaper. You often see the classic stripe on pillows or bedding, but we believe it's the perfect way to add a little something extra to your walls. It's also subtle enough to pair with multiple patterns, so don't be afraid to mix and match!

Details of ticking stripe wallpaper from Ballard Designs in bedroom

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