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Ottoman Decorating Ideas – How to Style For Your Party

When we think of holiday parties, it's easy to go overboard and imagine an over the top affair. In actuality, the holidays are the perfect time of year to host small, casual gatherings with low stress. With your halls decked and your tree sparkling, all you need are some hors d'oeuvres and wine to please family or friends. We're talking about our favorite ottoman decorating ideas for gathering in the living room during the holidays.

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Tray Chic

The right coffee table or ottoman makes entertaining in the living room easy. We love our Tristen Ottoman for its built-in trays, but an ottoman with any large tray works just as well. Just be sure there's plenty of space for guests to put down their glasses and the surface is within easy reach of every chair.

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Ottoman decorating ideas built-in tray for a party | Ballard Designs

Leave Space

When we're having guests over we prefer to edit our accessories way down. You want plenty of room for small trays of snacks, coasters, and space for guests to put down their drinks. Maybe your coffee table is usually expertly styled with books, candles, and trinkets, but now is the time to tuck any non-essentials away. There's nothing more frustrating than wanting to put a drink down and having nowhere to place it!

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Sip for Every Seat

It's Bunny's cardinal rule of living rooms that every chair needs a small table to place your drink. You certainly don't want guests to place their beverage on the floor when they want to help themselves to an hors d'oeuvres! Some seats around your living room may be just out of reach from the ottoman or coffee table. That's ok as long as they have their own little table!

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Snacks on an ottoman tray in a living room | Ballard Designs

What to Serve?

When it comes to entertaining in a living room, think about how easy something is to serve. Cheese and crackers are a no brainer, but any one-bite appetizer works beautifully. Anything that requires plates or utensils is awkward to eat in your lap, so keep it simple.

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