How to Make a Bed Canopy

How to Make a Bed Canopy

We've always believed that your bedroom should be a space you can escape and one of our favorite ways to give your space that feel is to amp up the luxury more than you would in the rest of your home. With only a few yards of fabric, a bed canopy makes a dramatic statement and brings that luxe quality to a space.

Inspired by the botanical print of our Isabella Blue fabric and the way it coordinates with so many of our favorite, navy bedding, we made a canopy to hang over our Reese Bed. Here's how we did it so you can create the same showstopping look in your own home.

What You'll Need:

  • 5.5 yards of patterned fabric
  • 5 yards of solid fabric
  • Two 1x2" furring strips cut to 5'
  • staple gun
  • drywall screws

Illustration of how to hang a bed canopy

Sew Stylish

To make this bed canopy, our handy seamstresses sewed a simple panel of fabric using the mockup above. On the front side, we used 54" of our patterned fabric and simply added an additional 3" of solid fabric to each outer edge.

On the back, we added another yard of fabric so that the leading edge that hangs down would show, with another 3" of solid fabric on each side. Don't forget to place the fabric upside down on the backside so it'll face the right direction when it hangs down.

If you don't have the sewing skills for this project, your drycleaner may be able to help or they may be able to recommend someone to you.

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Illustration of how to hang a bed canopy

Gather Supplies

Once you have your canopy fabricated, it's time to hang. We centered the canopy behind a queen bed, so first determine where the center of your headboard will hit.

Next, we wrapped each of our furring strips in extra fabric and trimmed the edge in solid navy. We're going to use the furring strips to secure the canopy to the wall and ceiling and keep it flush and straight over time.

Detail of how to secure bed canopy to wall

Hang your canopy at the moldings

Using the furring strip and dry wall screws, secure the canopy to the wall just under the crown mouldings. We left 54" of fabric which will drape over the bed - 36" of length over the bed and 18" of fabric which will hang from the ceiling.

Detail of how to secure bed canopy to ceiling

Final Touch

The last step is to secure the end of the canopy to the ceiling with dry wall screws, the same way you secured it to the wall.

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Bed canopy from botanical fabric with coordinating bed linens and accessories

Coordinate with Bedding

Once you've hung your canopy, add accessories and bedding that coordinate with your fabric. Here, we chose ticking stripe bedding and a navy quilt to bring out the blue hues in our Isabella fabric. A pair of graphic leaf prints complete the look.

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Botanical fabric on headboard

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