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Holiday bar cart style with blue, white, and red plaid color palette | Ballard Designs

How to Style Your Bar Cart for the Holidays

Entertaining is a given during the holidays, and upping your bar game can set your party apart. Guests tend to congregate near the bar, so make it a space that's both highly functional and highly stylish. We're sharing our favorite tips.

For hosting a holiday party, it's important to create different zones. Otherwise you'll create a bottle neck and no one will be able to serve themselves! For that reason, we like to have several different bars around the house, especially if you aren't springing for a bartender.

Small bar cart with antlers and wine station for party | Ballard Designs

Small Space Setup

If you're entertaining in a small space, have no fear! A bar cart has a petite footprint that works in just about every space and is just the right size for a wine bar at a holiday party. Just be sure to have all of the essentials — plenty of glassware, extra wine bottles for guests to open, holiday cocktail napkins, and a bottle opener.

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White skirted table cloth set with a cocktail bar, blue and white chinoiserie accents, and red plaid | Ballard Designs

Fuss Free Cocktails

Here, we set up a cocktail bar with liquors, mixers, and glassware so guests can make their drink of choice. For this space, you'll want to be sure there's ice, a cocktail shaker, stirrers, and a jigger, in addition to all of your drinks and mixers. An ice bucket is a must, as long as you're careful to refill throughout the party!

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Black console with barware, emerald green drapery panels, and holiday style | Ballard Designs

Signature Style

We love mixing up a signature cocktail for a holiday party because they feel special, festive, and make serving guests easy. Mix it up in a large punch bowl, and you only have one container to refill all night.

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Silver and gold punch bowl on sideboard with holiday punch | Ballard Designs

Punch It Up

Signature cocktails don't have to be complicated. We served a Pomegranate and Champagne punch that's easy to serve and feels delightfully festive.

Style out your sideboard with a big punch bowl, plenty of glassware, and a glittering wreath, and you're ready to start the party.

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Champagne bar with gold and silver accents for holiday bar cart style | Ballard Designs

Sparkling Wine & Sweets

Bars aren't just for alcoholic beverages. Here, we wanted to create a champagne and dessert bar, so we made sure we had plenty of bottles of sparkling wine, plus a gorgeous white cake and dessert plates.

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White bar with champagne, dessert, and white flowers | Ballard Designs

Think It Through

One of the most important roles as a host or hostess is to anticipate your guests' needs. There's nothing more frustrating than being at a party and not having the right tools — like a cake knife or bottle opener. Before your party gets underway, make sure your buffet and bars have everything your guests need so you can enjoy your own party!

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