Decorating with pink, orange, and gold fabric colors from Ballard Designs

How to Decorate with Color

Every room needs neutrals, but we've always been fans of injecting all of our spaces with color! Bold color pairings can be intimidating which is why we pulled together our favorite foolproof ways to mix them in and everything you need to pull them off.

Bright pink drapery with pink and orange armless chair in living room

Decorate with Color to Be Bold

The first step to infusing more color is by looking at what colors you already have in your home and figuring out what is missing. Out of those colors that aren't in your home, decide on the colors you like and want to see the most.

Living room with spa blue and yellow furnishings | Ballard Designs

Room Color Combinations - Weave Them In

When there are colors you want to incorporate, you don't have to go all out by adding a large furniture piece. Instead, start by finding little ways to weave it in through accessories and throw pillows.

Decorate Indoors and Out With Vibrant Colorful Stripes

Of course, this color palette – lemon and spa – works as well outdoors as it does indoors. Canopy stripes, our Canvas Bermuda pattern, and our Bermuda Ikat pattern all work together to create a vibrant, happy patio for enjoying warm days.

Outdoor sofa and chair with ottoman in bright yellow and blue colors
Blue and red living room with a mix of colorful pattern

Ahh - The French Connection Inspired Palette!

Inspired by the signature color palette of the French Riviera, we love the idea of mixing poppy reds in with our favorite navy and denim blues to create a bold, contrasting space.

Balance Your Home Interior Color Schemes

With two bold colors like red and blue, it's important to use them in equal doses so your space feels balanced. When you balance the colors you are using, it allows you to mix different patterns like we did in this bedroom.

Washed red and denim bedroom with mixed patterns
White modular home office collection in blue and white office

Brighten with White

Bring in lots of white to keep your color palette from feeling too heavy. White bookshelves and furniture brighten a busy patterned wallpaper, helping to anchor the space.

Fresh and Classic Decor

Inspired by our Conley Stripe Fern fabric we brought together bright greens, spa blues, and indigo. The blues are soft, light, and easy to live with, but bringing in vibrant green energizes a space.

Green velvet drapes in blue and green living room with striped couch
Living room with neutral sofa and pops of pastels

Choosing an Accent Color? Pastel with a Punch!

Wanting to inject personality into a soft elegant room? A colorful lamp shade, patterned drapery, and a fun accent chair are all ways to play up a room.

Decorating with pink and gray fabric colors from Ballard Designs

Blush and Beige - Adding Color to a Neutral Room

There's always room for neutrals in your home, but we like to add colors that blend with our favorite neutrals – gray, beige, and white. Blush pink almost feels like a neutral, so it rounds out a neutral palette so it's never boring.

Marble top expanding dining table in a pink and grey dining room

Adding Those Feminine Details

Pairing dissimilar elements makes a room fun and interesting, so we added feminine touches to a sleek, modern dining table. Our Cesson Expanding Dining Table is beautiful, but a blush pink wall color and floral details add balance to an otherwise simple piece.

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