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3 Ways to Style a Daybed

We believe in quality and buying pieces you can use in more than one room. You may move or need a space to serve different functions, so versatile furniture is important. Daybeds are far more multi-purpose than you might expect, and we're going to show you why.

In a Living Room

Though it fits a twin mattress, we think of a daybed almost like a sofa. Style it out with just a few pillows, a simple quilt, and treat it just like you would a couch. Our Villandry Daybed tucks into a formal living room or any space where you want a comfortable place to lounge.

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Treat a daybed just like you would a sofa and add a tufted ottoman, occasional chairs, and a soft throw blanket. You've got an instant reading spot or a place to enjoy a glass of wine with girlfriends.

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In a Bedroom

If you have a small bedroom, a daybed is a natural fit. Play around with lots of pillows along the back, soft bedding, and large art prints.

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When using a daybed in a bedroom, we like to let the bedding drape over the edges. It gives a bed softness and feels inviting.

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With a twin bed, you usually don't have much space for throw pillows. But a daybed sits parallel to the wall, giving you a chance to have fun with throw pillows. Pile them on in different colors and patterns to create an irresistibly soft spot to get some shut-eye.

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In an Office

Home offices often need to multi-task. Maybe you need to squeeze in a guest bedroom or an extra spot for reading. We were inspired by a clean, modern office and tucked our Villandry Daybed in with black and white accents.

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Modern black and white accents balance the antique caning of our Villandry Daybed. We outfitted this bed with tailored bedding - just a few Euro shams, a long bolster pillow, and a clean, tucked quilt.

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