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Bunny Williams' New Upholstery Collection

It's been years in the making, but we're delighted to finally be introducing upholstery pieces to Bunny Williams' collection. We sat down with the trailblazing designer herself to talk through each piece, how they work together, and why every detail was meticulously selected and crafted to make your room beautiful and functional.

upholstery trends 2018 lounge chair example

"There are so many beautifully designed furniture pieces on the market already, so if I'm going to design something, I want it to be a little bit different. The classics are out there, so I'm always looking for a chair with character, one that has a little bit of pizzazz to it.

This one is the perfect in between of a big comfortable armchair and something lighter. I always have a difficult time finding them for my clients. It's very comfortable like a lounge chair, but it's light enough to move around your room."

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upholstery trends 2018 Bunny William’s large furniture in solid fabric

"For big furniture pieces, I prefer to upholster them in a solid fabric because you'll be able to live with it longer. You can always change the look by adding a pillow or throw over the back, but I like my bigger pieces in versatile solids. That could be tan or beige if you like neutral, or a color like blue."

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Bunny William’s sofa and bench

"The scalloped back is playful and fun and something you don't see often. I paired it with a bench seat which is clean and modern, so they're a nice balance together. The thing I love about a bench seat is that they're so functional. It's easier to squeeze more people onto a bench seat, and you could put a long table in front of this sofa and use it as a dining bench."

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upholstered slipper chairs

"I love slipper chairs for a number of reasons. I find myself using them in nearly every room. In a living room, you need a little chair to tuck in for extra seating. I have one next to my bed to put books on them and to throw my bathrobe over. They're also great in a bathroom in a fun fabric for stacking towels."

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upholstery trends 2018 paired with raffia covered furniture

"I like rooms to have different textures. If you have a room where everything is brown, you can't tell one thing from another. I've always been about mixing wood with painted finishes, and raffia is a third finish I love to use in my design projects because it can go in any direction.

It can be traditional or modern and that airy, light quality and freshness that makes it the perfect fit for nearly any room."

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Bunny Williams’ upholstered 2018 collection
Bunny Williams’ upholstered 2018 collection

"This bookcase was inspired by a piece I have in my office. Of course I made some tweaks, but I loved the painted finish and the detailing of the diamond pattern. The best part is that it can be used in any number of places, which is why I'm so thrilled with how it turned out.

We all need televisions, but I like to combine the TV with books and storage. Or you could use it as a bar or hutch in the dining room. The best furniture pieces are multi-functional, and this one is so much more than a bookcase."

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