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4 Ways to Style our Beckett Cabinet

We're always thinking of new ways to make storage stylish, so imagine our delight when we came upon an antique cabinet with clever movable shelves at a Paris antique fair. Intrigued by all the ways this vintage piece could help with modern storage, we came straight back and designed our Beckett Cabinet. To prove just how seamlessly this piece can fit into your home, we styled it four different ways.

In an Office

Even though we're living in the digital age, we've all got papers that need organizing. We designed Beckett so that 8"x10" sheets fit perfectly.

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Modular shelves make it easy to store tall binders and books. Because the shelves slide, Beckett has the functionality of a drawer with the option for displaying pretty pieces.

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In a Kitchen

Kitchens are hardworking spaces where you can always use more storage. If you've got an empty corner, our Beckett cabinet can stylishly store cookbooks, dinnerware, linens, and cookware.

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Play around with how you're displaying pieces on shelves. We liked removing a few shelves to make room for taller items. Pulling out one shelf makes the perfect stand for a potted plant, especially if your cabinet is near a sunny window.

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In a Dining Room

Call us old-fashioned, but we love to take a favorite dinnerware pattern and let it inspire an entire room. Bunny Williams' Melange Dinnerware acts like art in this dining room when displayed on our Beckett Cabinet.

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Function is always our focus which is why we made sure the shelves of our Beckett Cabinet had grooves for plate storage.

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In a Bathroom

It's easy for bathrooms to feel cold what with all the tile and stone. Warm yours up with the weathered wood of our Beckett - and gain valuable linen storage in the process.

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What could be more spa-like than stacks and stacks of fluffy, white towels? Style your cabinet out with pretty bath products and towels, and you're good to go.

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See more styling tips on our blog, How to Decorate

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