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Suzanne Kasler for Ballard Designs

Award-winning interior designer, Suzanne Kasler, has joined with Ballard Designs to create her premiere collection of home accessories. Each piece brings together Suzanne's unique eye for the unexpected with Ballard hand craftmanship from around the world. The result is a signature collection richy layered in couture detailing, sublime color and timeless style.

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I love wicker dining chairs because they work so beautifully with lots of different tables - wood, iron, and glass. They're so easy to maintain and work great for family houses because you don't have to worry about upholstery.

The bed is definitely my favorite piece in the whole collection. I've worked with wicker beds before, and they can often be too flimsy and delicate. I love how sturdy the Southport Bed is. The detailing is beautiful, and it's just so well made.

I love the Versailles Collection because the gentle curve to the arm is really comfortable to sit in, and the color of the wicker is kind of a dark brown taupe that works in nearly any outdoor environment.

Graphic elements always speak to me because you get a lot of bang for your buck.

I think it's important to mix outdoor furniture pieces together so you have a more layered look rather than everything from the same collection. Bring together materials, shapes, and colors to create a space that feels as layered and collected as your indoor rooms.

Category:15900-Suzanne Kasler
Category:15900-Suzanne Kasler