Home Accents


Home décor accessories are the key to elevating a room. Incorporate decorative home accents in a variety of ways:

  • Add Blankets & Throws for texture
  • Display Home Décor Books for interest
  • Place Candles & Candle Holders, safely, as small focal points
  • Hang Wall Décor to balance the space
  • Include Wall Shelves for clean storage
  • Group Vases for sculptural design
  • Consider Wall Hooks for added storage and style
  • Choose Fireplace Accessories for punctuation


Layer in warmth and texture to your room with blankets and throws. These décor accents give your room a sense of coziness, plus they're great to have on hand when family or friends want to snuggle up. Try draping a blanket on a chair or sofa for an extra pop of texture or color.

The reviews are in:

"Love, love, love this throw. I purchased the spicy orange color throw. It is soft and cozy. Looks beautiful on the family room sofa. Great punch of color, beautiful quality." - Margie
"This throw is soft, and the design is beautiful! It added just a nice touch of color to the room." - Pat


Home décor books are loved for their beautiful imagery and thoughtful advice, but they also double as living room décor. Use home décor books to style your bookshelves, coffee table, console table, or side table. When using books as decorating accents, stack a few on top of each other to create height and dimension.

The reviews are in:

"Great tabletop décor book; interesting to look at and great to read." - Molly
"This home décor book is a beautiful mix of old and new. So many beautiful pages filled with ideas. It really is a feast for the eyes. Well worth the money. One of my favorite decor books." - Peg


Candles are the ultimate home accent when it comes to creating a cozy space. While they are known for the delightful scent they give off, they bring so much more to your space. The flicker of a candle creates a warm and cozy ambiance. To elevate your room, put your candles on display with beautiful candle holders and sconces.

The reviews are in:

"Gorgeous candle sconce! Paired with a battery powered candle, it gives the best glow - so pleased with this purchase!" - Hunny
"I love these candle sticks. I bought them for my Christmas Table Décor, but plan on keeping them on my dining table. They are so nice." - Linda


Vases are a popular home accent that will never go out of style. With so many sizes, shapes, and textures, decorating with vases is the perfect way to show off your personality. Prop them in any room for an added touch of elegance and style.

The reviews are in:

"This vase is unique. It is not going to blend into the background, no sir, it is a statement piece! The blue is simply beautiful adding the pop of color to my coffee table that I needed!" - Gigi
"This is the second Chinoiserie vase I have purchased. Beautiful decorative piece. I love the design and artwork. It can go with any style in your home." - Leana
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Category:80903-Home Accents