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Looking to decorate like an interior designer? Consider a timeline for adding finishing touches to the home with décor.

  • Focus on adding decorative pieces last.
  • Interior designers love to add decorative pieces as the last step in their design process, since these are the pieces that finish off the room's look and feel.
  • From wall décor to throw pillows, even pieces that may seem small or insignificant will have a big impact on the final look and feel of any room.

Using décor for the home doesn't mean you have to go big. Experiment with adding in small pieces like vases, candles, throw pillows and faux stems. Layering in smaller pieces helps create balance in a room.

  • Choose décor pieces that compliment what's already in your space, while improving on it. For example, if you have a neutral sofa, use throw pillows to bring in needed pops of color.
  • If your space is lacking in texture, incorporate a textured vase or sculpture.
  • Struggling with blank walls? Add dimension with wall art or wall décor. Focus on what your room is missing and bring it in with simple décor.

Most importantly, choose décor for the home that shows off your personality. If something is speaking to you, don't be afraid to make a home for it! You'll never get tired of looking at decorative pieces you love, so bring in that piece that makes you smile. With simple décor, you can always move pieces around from room to room.

The reviews are in:

"No matter what the season, this stunning Butterfly Décor has a home! The texture and size allow me to move it around, fitting in many different decor areas. Love it!" - Raesing
"This Hand Carved Horse is beautifully detailed and a great addition to my decor! It is one of my favorites." - Susan
"This is a beautifully decorative little Olive Topiary (my third one!) It is perfect on a small table on top of a couple of books, especially in a darker corner! Makes just the statement I was looking for." - Serenity
"I thought I would like the Ariel Vase when I saw it online but when it arrived, I was in love! This vase is unique, it is bold and plump. It is not going to blend into the background, no sir, it is a statement piece! The blue is simply beautiful adding the pop of color to my coffee table that I needed! It is very sturdy and a really good weight." - Gigi
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Category:67920-Decor & More