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Wendy Whitson

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Spring Walkway...
(3 reviews)

Asheville artist Wendy Whitson begins each painting with a random grid to hint at the structure she sees in all of nature. In this sun-dappled landscape, you can just see her master plan peeking out from beneath the trees, adding another layer of visual texture and form. Spring Walkway Giclee...

Birch Grove Giclee...
(28 reviews)

"My goal is to convey the essence of a landscape," explains Asheville artist, Wendy Whitson. "I want to know where the viewer enters and how they will explore it." This golden scene draws you into a grove of sun-dappled birch trees, where you can almost hear the rustling leaves. Birch Grove Giclee...

Field of Poppies...
(4 reviews)

"My goal is to convey the essence of a landscape, while eliminating much of its detail," explains celebrated Asheville artist, Wendy Whitson. In her sunlit Field of Poppies print canvas art, she invites us to wade through an impressionistic sea of bright red and golden yellow color. Field of Poppies...