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James McLaughlin Way

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Storm Over The Marsh...
(59 reviews)

When he looks to the world for inspiration, award-winning Atlanta artist, James McLaughlin Way says, "I become lost amidst the infinite number of possibilities and impressions." In this moody, realistic landscape, you can almost feel the storm clouds gathering over the salt marsh.Storm Over the...

Birdland No. 3...
(2 reviews)

James McLaughlin Way loves the ever-changing look of coastal clouds. In this dramatic seascape, he blends blues and grays to create an almost brooding mood. Digitally printed on gallery-wrapped canvas with brushed acrylic finish to mimic the brushstrokes of the original. Birdland No. 3 Giclee...

Bold Faith Giclee
(17 reviews)

"When I look at art, I try to look without words," says award-winning Atlanta artist, James McLaughlin Way. "It's similar to talking about life rather than experiencing." And when you stand before this dramatically shadowed portrait of the thoroughbred, Bold Faith, no words are needed.Bold Faith...

Dark Horse Art

Atlanta born artist, James McLaughlin Way, began his career as an illustrator, but his passion is painting. One of his favorite subjects is the horse. His dual skills show in the incredible attention to muscular detail and ability to capture the horse's noble spirit.Dark Horse Art features: *...

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